Benefits of Business Mediation

  • Cost Effective – Mediation puts the parties at the settlement stage sooner
  • Voluntary –  Whether to settle and on what terms are decisions made by the parties, not by the mediator or by a judge or arbitrator
  • ConfidentialAll statements made during mediation by the Mediator and the parties are confidential and are protected by law against use in any later litigation
  • Productive  – Each party must have someone with authority present at a mediation conference giving all parties a chance to meet with a decision-maker and “cut to the chase”
  • Focused  –The purpose of mediation is to find a way to settle the dispute not to expand claims or cause damage to the other party
  • Preserves of Relationships – Mediating commercial disputes can limit the disruption of valuable relationships with partners, customers, suppliers, employees, investors or lenders

Business Mediation Network seeks to change the way businesses approach disputes.  Once direct negotiations break down, why not try mediation instead of litigation?