Mediation Invitations

“I will see you in court!”

No matter how sincere the intent,  frustrated parties actually experience the promised confrontation at trial in fewer than 1% of the business cases filed.  So what do you do when everyone has staked out their positions and further conversation is a waste of time?

Rather than instructing their lawyers to file a lawsuit (or continue one), at Business Mediation Network we encourage business people and their lawyers to call us when direct negotiations have reached an impasse.  Even if there is no contract clause requiring the parties to mediate, at the request of any party, Business Mediation Network will contact all other parties and invite them to participate in mediating the dispute.

Mediation invitations work!  Once the mediation process is explained, people in the business world often understand it to be the no risk, low cost alternative to litigation.

Extending an invitation to mediate should not be viewed as as a sign of weakness, but as a forward-looking decision to avoid wasting resources in futile litigation. See FAQ’s