Mediator Testimonials

“By offering career business people as mediators, Business Mediation Network has the advantage of using dealmakers instead of legal outcome predictors.”

Stephen B. Goldberg, Professor of Law Emeritus, Northwestern University School of Law

“Paul Simon mediated a very difficult case in which I represented one of the parties involving the dissolution of a real estate holding company.  Paul brought a very strong understanding of business and real estate to the case, which was invaluable in helping the parties better evaluate their respective positions and reach a settlement.  Paul took the time to understand the case prior to the mediation, which also added to the success of the mediation.  He exhibited a great deal of patience with very emotional parties.  I would highly recommend him.”

Chicago, Illinois

I have used Rich Glaser as a facilitative mediator in a complex business case involving issues of control and valuation in a closely held corporation. There was substantial animosity between the parties. Rich was thorough, diligent, and effective and with his help we were able to reach a resolution, thereby avoiding expensive litigation. Rich was far more than a messenger. He offered his own creative solutions and alternative valuation models to the parties which helped move the process to an ultimate resolution . . . I would recommend him without reservation.

Grand Rapids, MI

“Gary Blume has a calming influence in tense situations and a skill for getting those with opposing views to listen to each other. He listens himself and artfully coaxes others to find common ground where it is sometimes not so expected. He’s fair and deliberate and seems to always be able to create an atmosphere that encourages opposite sides to forget their differences and reach mutual resolution. To me that is successful mediation.”

Memphis, TN

“I cannot recommend Paul Simon highly enough. Paul provided expert advice to help guide, arbitrate and successfully settle a very complex and potentially costly case.  His highly professional, commercial and sensitive approach was invaluable.  I would have no hesitation appointing Paul again.”

London, U.K.

“Karl von Loewe has tremendous knowledge of the industry and is always the “go to” person regarding Real Estate Policy’s and Procedures, Arbitration and Mediation issues. Karl is well respected in the business, as a result of his professionalism and knowledge. His clients compliment his integrity and persistence to achieve a positive end result. While training Ombudsmen with Hunterdon Somerset Association of Realtors, he was instrumental in maintaining the fact that being unbiased, patient and non-opinionated was crucial. I can tell you, Karl is thorough, prepared and fair, yet firm, I highly recommend him.”

Hillsborough, NJ

“Jim Mall was well-prepared and demonstrated the level of skill that facilitated the parties reaching a compromise and final resolution, thus avoiding time consuming and costly ongoing litigation . . . He was artful in mediating the matter to an amicable resolution.  I highly recommend Jim Mall for future opportunities to serve as a mediator in commercial litigation proceedings.”

Pittsburgh, PA