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Agree to talk . . . while you are still talking !

Business Mediation Network encourages businesses to plan ahead for handling disputes.  By including the brief BMN Mediate1st®  clause in customer and supplier contracts, employment agreements, purchase orders, loan agreements, partnership documents and the like, the parties to those contracts agree to mediate issues first rather than wasting valuable resources preparing and filing lawsuits.

Businesses make plans – budgets, marketing plans, forecasts, etc. However, many careful business people do not have a plan to avoid litigation when disputes inevitably arise.

Requiring all parties to a business-related dispute to Mediate1st®  with Business Mediation Network, allows everyone to know in advance the straight-forward procedures and the low-fixed fees to be applied to any mediation.  Please click below to see:

BMN Mediate1st® Clause

BMN Mediation Rules

BMN Mediation Fee Schedule