Business Mediation Network looks for the following qualities in Mediators:

  • Substantial Business Experience – this usually means 25 or more years in business at a senior management level or comparable professional or consulting experience.  It is important to the success of business mediation that Mediators be well seasoned in how businesses approach problem-solving and to be able to draw upon a wealth of business experience to assist parties identify their fundamental interests and offer creative solutions where appropriate.
  • Confidence Building Personal Attributes – studies have shown that parties have more confidence in Mediators who have high personal integrity and are friendly, empathetic, respectful, trustworthy, credible and patient.  (See Northwestern University study).
  • Commitment to Resolution – Business Mediation Network believes that the alternative to a mediated settlement for most parties is embarking upon or continuing expensive and time-consuming litigation.  Consequently, we look for people who will prepare diligently for each mediation assignment, work hard and have persistence in assisting the parties to find reasonable solutions to their disputes