BMN Mediator Training Testimonials

“If you enjoy creative problem solving in a business environment, you will really enjoy the mediator training offered by the Business Mediation Network! The training experience begins with a comprehensive explanation of what mediation is and why business organizations value it. Most importantly, the training then shifts its focus to the role of the mediator and the success factors associated with good mediation. Mediation role-playing exercises that are both practical and intriguing are key elements of this portion of the training. The Business Mediation Network team has done a great job of making this training both useful and interesting.”

David Krebs, Hendersonville, TN

“I think much could be gained just by “thinking like a mediator”, which was one of my takeaways from the session.” 

Denny Ellis, Grand Rapids

“I found the Business Mediation Network training to be well structured in terms of advancing my understanding the process necessary to be an effective mediator. The written materials and the role-playing exercises both served as excellent training tools to establish a baseline for the mediator candidates. I strongly recommend the BMN mediator training program for a business professional interested in serving as a mediator.”

Ed Rog, Chicago

The training was outstanding and gave me fresh perspective on how to work with parties to focus on the future and use my interpersonal skills and business experience to encourage parties to resolve tough issues. Conflicts and disputes are a reality in the business world. Mediation is a fast, effective, and proven method to deal these situations.

Scott Neidhold, Cincinnati

The greatest joy was spending intense time with other experienced business people who showed significant commitment to the principles embodied in the Business Mediation Network alternative to litigation. Litigation is a rabbit-hole, which is extremely expensive, time consuming, regulating, restricting, destructive of relationships and opportunities, risking, repetitive, and impacting on the true interests of both sides. We came away believers in mediation as the efficient, effective alternative dispute resolution program.  The parties control the process and the parties decide the settlement, and more times than not, the parties preserve their business relationships and opportunities going forward.  The opportunity to help in this productive manner excites and interests—thank you for showing us the way!

Dave Brown, Chicago