Business Mediation Network wants to change the way most business disputes are handled.  After seeing the frustration of business people with the legal system for over 30 years as both a lawyer and a business manager, Business Mediation Network founder Paul Simon determined that business people need to find a way to stay out or get out of the court room and get back to what they know best.

Mediation by deeply experienced business mediators offers the best way to resolve most disputes that involve business issues.  Matching mediators who think like business people with business parties will increase the chances of resolution – and the sooner, the better.  The fast pace of the business world does not mix well with the formalities and deliberation required of the courts.  For a company or business person who is focused on delivering results this month and this quarter, an expensive legal battle over a business issue that could be several years old is often more painful than it is worth.

At Business Mediation Network, we believe that business mediation is a fast, low cost, no risk way to resolve disputes and get back to business.